FreeCodeCamp Manchester


  • $ Welcome to FreeCodeCamp Manchester!
  • $ We are mentors, coders and learners from Manchester
  • $ Twice a month we meet in person to learn and code together
  • $ Keep an eye on the events for further information!! 👀

Our next meetup is


18:00 - 21:00


The Organisers


  • Victoria
  • Piccadilly
  • Oxford Road
  • Deansgate

Other Meetups

Wednesday, November 4

Chester Devs

clock icon19:00 - 21:30location iconChester

Programmer User Group based in Chester. We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month. For full details of what is on please see our meetup site -

Wednesday, November 18


clock icon18:30 - 21:00location iconFederation House, Federation St, Manchester M4 4BF, UK

MWUG, is the Manchester WordPress User Group. We are a group of people from in and around Manchester, who use the open source web publishing software WordPress to blog, design, and develop websites. For more information see : for details and to RSVP. <a href="" target="_blank" id="ow366" __is_owner="t

Thursday, November 19


clock icon18:30 - 23:00location iconAeroworks, 7 Adair St, Manchester M1 2NQ, UK We are a group of people in the North West of England, with an interest in all things Ruby or Rails ranging from beginners to experts - there's no requirement to be a Ruby guru to get involved, all you need is an interest in it.

Learning Resources


We want to make contributing to this project as enjoyable and accessible as possible. All contributions are welcome, including writing blog posts, adding learning resources and contributing to the site itself.

When writing a blog post you don't have to be an expert on a topic to write about it. This entire site is open source, so even if you make a mistake, another contributor will eventually correct it.

If you're unsure on where you should start we have created a handy contributing guide. If that doesn't help or you feel something is unclear shoot us a message us on our Slack channel and one of our organisers will help you out.

Not yet a member of our Slack? get an invite here.