Reduce Page Weight by Subsetting Fonts

Written by Adam Collier3 min read

Whilst building this site, it was early on in the redesign process that I decided I wanted to use the brilliant open source font Inter. Created by the extremely talented Rasmus Andersson (@rsms) as an experiment in 2016 whilst working at Figma it has…

Using React Context instead of Redux

Written by Adam Collier5 min read

Whilst learning react I have heard a lot of talk about Redux and that being the go to solution for state management in a web application. But as I've done a little bit of exploring and read countless articles there has also been a lot of people…

Creating a Masonry Layout using CSS Grid

Written by Adam Collier4 min read

In a recent project I came across a nifty way to create a masonry grid layout using CSS grid and a smidge of javascript . Initially I thought about using something like Masonry.js or Isotope but it kinda felt a little bit overkill. Whats cool about…

Making and Using a Bitmap Font in PIXI.js v5external link icon

Written by Adam Marc Williams1 min read

A bitmap font is made up of two files, a .fnt file and a .png. The .fnt file contains all the information about the font and the coordinates of each character in the accompanying .png, which is like a spritesheet for the font.

What is DX (Developer Experience)?

Written by Anthony Tran7 min read

TL;DR — DX is “the acquisition of knowledge needed to implement an API”. Make the acquisition easier; knowledge more digestible; the journey of implementing it simpler; lives of developers better With much talk on designing the user experience (UX…