Testing - My Experience so Far

Written by Ross Morran16 min read

My intention in writing this is to share my experience of writing automated software tests for the first time, and to record my understanding of the concepts which I’ve learned so far. My background is that I’m a self-taught developer; I learned how…

What is HTTP?

Written by Ross Morran5 min read

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It’s a set of rules which govern communication over the Internet. By communication we mean in this context the exchange of data. By providing this set of rules, HTTP makes it possible for different…

Reduce Page Weight by Subsetting Fonts

Written by Adam Collier3 min read

Whilst building this site, it was early on in the redesign process that I decided I wanted to use the brilliant open source font Inter. Created by the extremely talented Rasmus Andersson (@rsms) as an experiment in 2016 whilst working at Figma it has…

Using React Context instead of Redux

Written by Adam Collier5 min read

Whilst learning react I have heard a lot of talk about Redux and that being the go to solution for state management in a web application. But as I've done a little bit of exploring and read countless articles there has also been a lot of people…

Creating a Masonry Layout using CSS Grid

Written by Adam Collier4 min read

In a recent project I came across a nifty way to create a masonry grid layout using CSS grid and a smidge of javascript . Initially I thought about using something like Masonry.js or Isotope but it kinda felt a little bit overkill. Whats cool about…

Making and Using a Bitmap Font in PIXI.js v5external link icon

Written by Adam Marc Williams1 min read

A bitmap font is made up of two files, a .fnt file and a .png. The .fnt file contains all the information about the font and the coordinates of each character in the accompanying .png, which is like a spritesheet for the font.

What is DX (Developer Experience)?

Written by Anthony Tran7 min read

TL;DR — DX is “the acquisition of knowledge needed to implement an API”. Make the acquisition easier; knowledge more digestible; the journey of implementing it simpler; lives of developers better With much talk on designing the user experience (UX…