Helps developers build applications/websites faster and automate tedious processes. Just makes life a bit easier (which we all like)

Text Editors

Atom - modern hackable text editor


Useful if you want something quick and easy to get off the ground.

Express Generator

Express Authentication Starter

Dependency Management

What if every everyone released the new version of their modules at the same time, and everyone updated the moment after. Simply put it, never gonna happen.

Node Version Manager (NVM) [Mac OSX and Linux] Seemlessly manage the version of node, npm, npx.

Setting up via homebrew

# install homebrew
$ brew install nvm

# set where to install
$ mkdir ~/.nvm

# go to your root directory
$ cd ~/

# create bash profile
$ touch .bash_profile

# open in your editor
$ code .

# paste this into the .bash_profile file and save
export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
. "$(brew --prefix nvm)/"

Useful NVM commands

# installs the latest version of node
$ nvm install node

# sets default node version for any new shell
$ nvm alias default node

Node Package Manager (NPM) - Every other languages are jealous cause of this elegant dependency management help. Keeps tracks of all the modules/packages you download

Version Control

Github Desktop - The official UI from Github, built with Electron

Gitkraken - UI friendly git for Git novices and professionals alike. Git is a software industry standard, so it's a must!

Pro Git - A thorough guide to git and all its commands.

Useful git commands

When you have merged and deleted a branch on github this command will delete the local branches that dont exist remotely.

$ git branch -vv | grep 'origin/.*: gone]' | awk '{print $1}' | xargs git branch -d

Refreshes the tracking of your files. Super useful for adding new things to your .gitignore file.

$ git rm -r --cached .

Task Runners + Bundlers

  1. Task Runners - used to automate, enable faster and efficient builds; enhances developer workflow, with plugins.
  2. Bundlers - are task runners, and with asset loading optimisation.

Gulp - simple, easy to learn task runner, producing efficient builds, automate task

Webpack - Builds a graph of dependencies makes loading dependencies faster and enables more modular code

Parceljs - Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler